30 kVA Cummins

30 kVA Cummins C33D5 Diesel Generator Set

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Fuel Tanks

2 x 22000 Litre Western Global EBD5000 Fuel Tanks

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MTU 12V4000

1850 kVA MTU 12V4000 Diesel Generator Set

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100 kVA Iveco

100 kVA Iveco Diesel Generator Set

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COVID-19 UPDATE: Due to the new restrictions put in place on 23rd March 2020 due to the COVID-19 virus, our offices and warehouse will now be closed for the next 3 weeks starting from the 24th March 2020. We will still be available to contact by phone or email for any enquiries that you have! […]

Climate change is affecting all areas of the globe, and the UK is no exception. Unexpected storms are as likely to hit in the summer as they are during the winter. With storms come the high winds, trees coming down across power cables, sub-stations hit by lightning strikes, or being flooded by torrential rain. Businesses […]

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